QMMS Ltd has recently been involved in further research into the use of Recycled Manure Solids (‘RMS’, 'Green Bedding') in dairy herds. In conjunction with Nottingham University, The Dairy Group and the Paragon Veterinary Group, a project was put forward to build on the initial work from a scoping study completed in 2013. This latest project has been funded by the Welsh Government and was commissioned by AHDB Dairy.

Part of this latest research has been a survey of bedding management in dairy herds, comparing those herds using RMS with herds bedding cows on sand and herds bedding cows on sawdust. Hundreds of bedding samples were processed at the QMMS bacteriology laboratory and samples were assessed for dry matter (right), total bacterial counts, coliform counts and more.


The full report is due shortly but an update on some of the research findings are now published on the AHDB web page here and is also available to view by clicking here