At the recent NEC Livestock Event, QMMS Ltd. launched a new service for dairy farmers to assist with decision making at drying-off when looking to reduce and rationalise the use of antibiotic dry cow therapy, particularly in cows that are likely to be uninfected with a major pathogen at drying-off.

This new QMMS service - The Dry Cow Therapy ‘Selective’ Testing Service is centred around the strategic use of cell counts and is designed to be used in conjunction with your veterinary surgeon. The service helps the cost effective identification of infected cows prior to drying off, using existing on farm records, and supplemented with additional cell count tests where necessary. To this end it is primarily aimed at herds currently not recording, recording less frequently than once monthly or aiming to reduce their costs.

The principle underlying the test is that once a cow has been ‘defined’ as infected (for the purposes of drying off), further testing is not necessary. The method and thresholds used can be tailored to the individual unit.

For more details download the selective testing service brochure here, or call QMMS on 01749 871171