At the recent meeting of the British Mastitis Conference, Dr Katharine Leach (below) presented headline findings from the AHDB Mastitis Control Plan project. This project has been managed on behalf of AHDB by QMMS Ltd and Nottingham University, and has collated data from herds using the Plan between 2009 and 2016.


From the on-farm data collected (both somatic cell count and clinical mastitis case data), herds using the AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan (DMCP) achieved an average reduction of 20% for clinical mastitis rate and an average reduction of between 10-16% for new infections as measured by cell count.

The estimated benefits of implementing the DMCP on farm have been shown to be in the region of £40 per cow in the herd per year, AFTER costs of implementation have been deducted.

Given these findings, it is proposed that a nationwide roll out of the DMCP could result in 1,000,000 less tubes of lactating cow therapy being used each year.


A copy of the poster is available to download and view here.