As well as performing ad hoc milk testing (butterfat, protein, lactose, somatic cell count and non-protein nitrogen (urea)) we offer a DIY milk recording service that can be tailored to your specific needs. All analyses are performed according to the guidelines of the International Committee of Animal Recording (ICAR) of which QMMS Ltd is a Full Member.

Our milk recording service has been audited and has achieved the ICAR Certificate of Quality. Our milk recording service includes basic on-farm management software at no additional cost (software developed by SUM-IT Computer Systems to QMMS Specifications).


Download our milk recording BROCHURE


Key facts about our milk recording services are:

  1. Different service levels from ad hoc testing to a full milk recording service
  2. Factored milk recording available
  3. On farm management software included in the price
  4. Powerful management reports, adding value to your data, delivered direct to your desktop
  5. Compatible with existing on farm software (see below)
  6. Cost effective and competitively priced
  7. Backed by RCVS Recognised Specialist veterinary advice
  8. Awarded ICAR Certificate of Quality for Production Recording (Milk Recording) in Dairy Cattle


The QMMS milk recording service is widely compatible with a range of on-farm software, including (but not limited to):

  1. SUM-IT Total Dairy and DairyMate
  2. Uniform Agri
  3. Interherd
  4. Farm Wizard
  5. Computing for Farming
  6. GEA DairyPlan C21
  7. Other parlour software via 3rd party link


Our services are also compatible with all the major supermarket contracts, Breeding+ and pedigree recording


Pregnancy Diagnosis

Milk recording samples can also be processed for Pregnancy Associated Glycoprotein (PAG), an indicator of early pregnancy in dairy cows. Samples submitted for milk recording can be selected out to confirm PD+ status in cows that are approaching drying-off to compliment the routine fertility work offered by your veterinary surgeon. Please ask for more details.