Why milk record?

Motivation for milk recording varies greatly from farm to farm, ranging from the desire for genetic improvement in pedigree herds to the need for more detailed management information, which can be crucial in some of the large dairy herds of today. A philosophy of QMMS is to add value to the milk recording process, by helping farmers interpret the data, whilst still fulfilling the needs of the pedigree breeder.

Is QMMS’ milk recording data eligible for pedigree purposes?

We are ‘Full Members’ of ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) and all aspects of our milk recording service are performed to ICAR guidelines. We are currently in the final stages of developing a data feed for pedigree information into the breed societies and also into The Centre for Dairy Information (for bull proof calculation). (Please note pedigree recording incurs some additional charges).

Do I need to sort all my samples into cow number order?

No, we actually discourage this practice as it leads to the potential introduction of systematic errors into the milk recording process.

How do samples get to the laboratory?

Once you phone us to confirm when the samples will be ready, we will arrange courier collection; samples are the delivered to us the next working day. You can of course deliver your own samples (and save on the courier costs) if you so wish.

How long does it take for me to get my results?

It is highly unusual for results not to be dispatched by the next working day following arrival at the laboratory.

Do you provide paper reports?

Our service is designed to be paperless with all data traveling electronically. However, paper reports can be provided if required (at a small additional cost).

Do you tell me when I have to record?

Our system is designed to be flexible – we will remind you, but you are in control and have ‘ownership’ of the milk recording process.

Is all this extra data analysis and on-farm software expensive?

Our prices are very competitive due to the low overhead structure of our business. We operate a philosophy of ‘user pays’ – you only pay for the services you utilize - we do not cross subsidise.

Do I have to collect milk samples from each milking?

No, we offer a factored milk recording service. We recommend taking a milk sample from one milking, but recording a full 24-hour milk yield, as we feels this gives the best compromise between effort and quality of results.

How do I pay?

You only pay for the tests performed, no more - no less. We invoice monthly and offer substantial regular recording discounts linked to prompt payment.